Warranty Period and Covered Services: Lively provides three (3) years of repair warranty and three (3) years of loss and damage coverage for all Lively hearing aid purchases.

All product warranties are in effect from the date of the purchase. Should repair of a Lively hearing aid product be necessary, we will make every effort to provide this service in a timely and efficient manner. To facilitate this service, please return the product with a completed Repair/Remake Service form to Lively in appropriate packaging. A product repaired under warranty maintains the original purchase warranty effective date.

Under Lively’s loss and damage policy, any hearing aid, that is stolen, lost or catastrophically damaged can be replaced while the product is under warranty. Note that for hearing aids, the replacement must be for the same buyer and the same ear, and it must include the same options package as the original hearing aid. The following fees apply:

  • Rechargeable hearing aid per-unit deductible: 48000

A hearing aid, may be replaced only once under this program, and may not be returned for credit. The effective date of the product warranty on the replacement unit is the same as that of the original unit. Ownership of the stolen, lost or damaged unit reverts to Lively. Should a claim need to be filed, a completed Loss & Damage Claim form is required.

Lively may require that you return the defective device before sending you a replacement. You must ensure that the correct device is returned to Lively. You will not receive a replacement until Lively has received the correct device. If Lively provides you with an advanced replacement (at its discretion) device before we receive your defective device, and you do not return the defective device within the time communicated to you in notification emails, you authorize Lively to charge your original form of payment for the full value of the replacement device.

Standard Return Policy: If the hearing aid purchase is returned for credit within 100 days of the original purchase date, you will receive a full refund of the purchase price of the cancelled hearing aid, including batteries, cords and accessories, and all fees related to the hearing aid. Lively will pay for return shipment. To be eligible for return, hearing aids must be in the same condition, ordinary wear and tear excluded.

Return Policy based on Medical Opinion: Within one (1) year from the date of your hearing aid purchase, you may cancel your hearing aid purchase and receive a full refund of the purchase price if you receive a written opinion from an otolaryngologist, or if no otolaryngologist is available another licensed physician qualified to diagnose diseases of the ear, subsequent to purchasing a hearing aid providing that you either have a hearing impairment for which a hearing aid provides no benefit or have a medical condition which contraindicates the use of a hearing aid and as a result of either condition, you have experienced no improvement in the quality of your hearing.

Out-of-Warranty Repair: Lively will accept for repair and other necessary services any hearing aid or accessory thereof for a period of five (5) years for the date of the hearing aid purchase. Lively shall deliver an itemized bill showing the repair and service provided and the charge therefor. If the charge for the repair or service shall exceed 3k / 4k, no work will be performed unless the buyer shall have been first advised of the work to be performed, the charge therefor, and shall have approved same.

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